A Phone Call From Jeya

April 2, 2009

Dear Jeya,

We've never met before, but we talked once in a phone conversation. I've been told by my husband about you. Only a brief information that you are a wife of his office mate. I was told that you were searching someone to fill a position in your recruitment business in Qatar. My husband said to your husband that recruitment was the thing I did when I still worked. In addition, I graduated my Psychology degree. Then you left your numbers through my husband, expecting me to make a call if I was interested to join your company."I'm not interested!", that's what I said to my husband promptly.

Few days went by, and I did not call you. One afternoon my phone was ringing when I was taking a nap. It was you. You introduced yourself, and I wasn't surprised because I knew YOU would call me. You said our husband were friends at work. Your husband liked my husband and respected him. Similar with what my husband said that you were offering the job.

Trying to be polite, I said that I had a little girl who was not even two years old. "If I work, no one takes care of her" I had thought that the answer would stop you, but I was wrong. You stated that there is a nursery at the work, there's nothing to worry about.

I had no choice, I should have told you the truth why I declined your offer.

"I really appreciate the opportunity you gave me, Jeya. I feel honoured. Really. But.... I think I want to be at home at this moment. I want raise my children by my own. I want to be a teacher for my own children.

I am moslem
(then I asked if you are too, then you said, 'No, I'm not moslem, but I am interested in
. Nowadays I am very enthusiastic to learn more about Islam. I still have to learn many many things. You know.... the more you know something, the more you know nothing*. The more I learn about Islam, the more I know that there are many things that I don't know. Also, I want to teach it to my children by my own (then you replied, 'Be my teacher. I want you to teach me Islam'. I politely said, 'I still learn, Jeya...') .

Now I have a lot of time to learn about Islam. But if I work, it would be different. Well, I can still learn about Islam, but I would only have a little time. My time will be tightened up by work. I know that because I was in that condition before.

Being a career woman is a pride
(then you said, "yea...."), but being a full-time mother and wife has been my dream. It's a gold opportunity to raise my children and to educate them. This is for my children, for my husband, and for the life after this life.

I know it sounds very emotional. But this is true, this is from my heart. The deepest of my heart.

Once again, I appreciate your offer, the opportunity you give me. I really feel honored. But I'm sorry, Jeya, I think I would be better at home this moment.

Forgive me if I am impolite and disappointing you..... This is for my children and their future.

You responded, "I understand. Well, if you change your mind.... your husband has my number."

"Thank you. Nice to know you. Have a nice day, Jeya!".

Then our conversation ended.

Best regards,

- Hani -

For the sake of Allah, I decided to stay "unemployed". Insyaallah...

*) thanks to Azza for the shoutout you posted on your friendster profile page. It has a very deep meaning, you know....

Photo by Arvin Baralarman/freedi*****photos